The Professional Burglar: A Case Study

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Spring 1979


Corrections is the term presently given to describe the formal societal response to illegal behavior. The term itself connotes and suggests that illegal behavior can be "corrected" in some waY. In order for this to be a meaningful assumption, there must be understanding and knowledge of the behavior to be corrected. It is, therefore, necessary to examine closely the various tjpes of illegal behavior that society is attempting to "correct". The study of corrections involves an examination of both the behavior that is to be "corrected," the methods devised to do so, and the relationship that exists between the two. Pursuing these multiple objectives was the purpose of inviting a professional burglar to appear before a college class in corrections (Kennesaw College, October 3, 1977). This paper will examine his comments and responses to that class. The first section of the paper will be devoted to a general examination, drawn from the information in the general criminaljustice literature, of burglary and ofthe professional criminal. The second section of the study will examine the stated attitudes and information given by a real world example; and an attempt will be made to point out the closeness of it between the real world actor and the theoretical conclusions found in the literature.