"It's not Easy Being Green": Exploring Green Creeds, Green Deeds, and Internal Environmental Locus of Control


Marketing and Professional Sales

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The authors report on the development of a novel construct, internal environmental locus of control (INELOC), which captures consumers’ multifaceted attitudes pertaining to personal responsibility towards and ability to affect environmental outcomes. Using data gathered from a sample of consumers, the linkages between INELOC and a wide array of environmental behaviors were investigated. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses revealed four first-order dimensions (“green consumer,” “activism,” “advocate,” and “recycling attitudes”) embedded within a second-order INELOC factor. Structural equations modeling techniques showed that INELOC was a strong positive predictor of many behaviors. However, the nature of the attitude–behavior relationship varied considerably across behavioral contexts, implying that people do not consistently behave in a proenvironmental manner.