Athletes' Perceptions on Coaches' Behaviors and Competitive Situations at Collegiate Level


Health Promotion and Physical Education

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Summer 2004


The purpose of this paper was to investigate college athletes' perceptions of competition and coaches' behaviors based on gender, status of the players, and athletic experience. The research subjects were comprised of 218 varsity athletes. The Inventory of Self-Perceptions toward Competitive Situations in Sports (ISPCSS) was used in this study. The results of the One Way ANOVA tests revealed that the significant differences were found (p > .05) between the genders, on the subscales of 'Perceptions on Playing Time of the Players,' and 'Perceptions toward Team Unity for Winning.' Also, the significant differences on play status (starters vs. nonstarters) were revealed on the subscale of 'Perceptions on Playing Time of players.' No significant differences of perception were found between less experienced and more experienced groups on all four subscales.

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