Soccer Made Easy: From Fundamental Skills to Championship Play


Health Promotion and Physical Education

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This is the most comprehensive and unique soccer book on the market. The strengths of this book are summarized as follows: (1) provides an easy-to-learn approach with use of extensive visual illustrations to highlight important soccer techniques without requiring the reading of extensive text to understand the concepts; (2) is a comprehensive soccer skill learning book, clearly explaining a full range of Olympic soccer skill learning processes; (3) can be used by noviced and advanced players, soccer coaches, parents and practitioners; (4) explains the key elements of soccer skills; (5) elaborates on the core principles of soccer games and strategies of play; and (6) illustrates the roles of each position and interpretations of major soccer rules. Beyond that, each chapter emphasizes the most important learning principles such as the name and purpose of the technique, key elements to remember, common mistakes of the skill, pictures of the skill, and design of practice. A thorough understanding of soccer skill learning concepts will allow coaches, parents and practitioners to provide soccer players with more effective instruction and help them master Olympic soccer skills.

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