Guiding Students Through Choreographic Exploration

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Unfortunately, many students with limited dance experience are afraid to venture into exploration for fear they will "do it wrong." Others fear negative criticism. For these, and a myriad of other reasons, many dancers (not to mention physical education students) avoid improvisation and choreography when, in fact, they should embrace such experiences. Giving students a few simple tools that allow them to be successful in their first choreographic experiences helps the teacher or mentor introduce students to the many opportunities for personal enrichment found in the choreographic process. This article discusses helpful ways in guiding students through choreographic exploration. Using exploration, students can become more educated observers of dance. They can also learn to view dance from several different perspectives, including critical response and aesthetics. Provides guidelines for physical education teachers as to how they can help their students explore choreography. Discussion of choreographic elements to students; Initiation of the choreographic process; Assignment of choreographic projects to students.