Crystal and molecular structure of trichloro[1,3-dimethyl-2(3H)-imidazolethione]antimony(III)

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In the structure of AsCl3dmit2s (dmit = 1,3-dimethyl-2-(3H)-imidazolethione) and the structure of AsCl3NMe32b notable structure differences were observed. Both complexes could be described as pseudo trigonal bipyramidal with the main differences being the relative position of the ligand the degree of intermolecular interaction in the solid state. AsCl3NMe3 is monomeric, and the amine occupies an axial postion in the -TBP configuration. AsCl3dmit is dimeric linked by long As...Cl bridges to the neighboring molecule related by an inversion center. The ligand (dmit) occupies an equatorial rather than an axial position, while the chlorines occupy two axial positions as well as the remaining equatorial site. Since the chlorine bridge bonds trans to equatorial chlorine atom, when the bridging atoms are included, the coordation geometry of AsCl3dmit can best be described as two distorted square pyramids sharing a common edge.