The Development and Preliminary Validation of the Adolescent Domain Screening Inventory: A Substance Use Prevention Tool

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The objective of this study was to develop a screen assessing domains in at-risk and substance-using adolescents. The Adolescent Domain Screening Inventory (ADSI) consists of four subscales: school, family, community, and individual or peer. A convenience sample of 6,661 youths was employed. Analyses included concurrent criterion validity, known instrument construct validity, convergent construct validity, cut points, and gender and race correlations. Concurrent criterion validity correlations range from r =.85 to r =.95. Correlation for known instrument validity is r =.56 and convergent construct validity is r =.49. Cut points produced positive predictive values ranging from .46 to .53. The ADSI demonstrated a general applicability across gender and race. The ADSI is an instrument demonstrating acceptable psychometric properties.