An Implementation Model for Lean Programmes


Management and Entrepreneurship

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While lean programmes continue to be implemented in many companies, there is a rising concern regarding the failures of these programmes. Many of them fail because we do not know how to implement them. Using the experience with a lean programme in an aircraft maintenance and repair operation, the purpose of the research was to develop an implementation model which consists of six critical decisions or steps. The first step was to perform strategic analysis which was driven by the market or the customer. The second step was to establish a high-level cross-functional team to drive the improvement initiative. The third step was to identify overall improvement tools. The fourth step was to perform a high-level value stream mapping and prioritise improvement opportunities. The fifth step was to develop a detailed plan for low-level improvement teams, and the sixth step was to implement, document, and revise as needed. Further, we provided important implications for both practitioners and academicians of our implementation experience with several directions for future research.