What I Have Learned So Far: Observations on Managing an Academic Accounting Career

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In this commentary, I offer several observations for managing a successful and satisfying academic accounting career. First, I encourage readers to appreciate two key realities of the academic accounting labor market: the rewards derived from research and the massive shortage of accounting Ph.D.s. Second, I encourage readers to carefully consider the culture of potential employers, including such issues as the emphasis on "face time," homogeneous versus heterogeneous treatment of faculty, and the fit between an institution's research culture and its resources and constraints. Finally, I encourage readers to maintain personal focus on critical goals by choosing opportunities judiciously, achieving multiple outputs from one effort, and recognizing that personal organization promotes success. These observations are based primarily on my own experiences and those of experienced, successful colleagues. While my comments are primarily for Ph.D. students and junior faculty, I hope that faculty at all ranks will find useful insights.