Expectations and Resources Associated with New Finance Faculty Positions

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Spring 1996


The article focuses on various faculty expectations and resources at three types of schools aimed at aiding academic career decisions in the U.S. It reveals several important differences in expectations and resources between three types of institutions: American Assembly of Collegiate School of Business accredited doctoral schools, non-doctoral AACSB-accredited schools and non-AACSB-accredited schools. The information presented is intended to provide an overview of the new faculty member's day-to-day experience. It provides useful information to academic labor market participants. The article supplements this type of knowledge by providing a current and comprehensive description of new faculty employment conditions including quality of life issues, tenure expectations, salary and support, etc. at a variety of institutions. The information presented in the article will be valuable to current doctoral students, university administrators, faculty advisors, and individuals considering a finance doctoral program. The article concludes that the expectations and resources associated with new finance faculty positions vary widely across types of institutions.

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