Co-Authoring in Refereed Journals: Views of Accounting Faculty and Department Chairs

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In response to rising research expectations, many faculty are collaborating on research projects to increase the quality and quantity of their research. Through surveys of accounting faculty and chairs, several issues are explored relating to co-authoring in refereed journals. The primary results are: 1. Faculty members' most recent co-authoring experiences resulting in publication were extremely positive. 2. Accounting departments generally encourage co-authoring. 3. More than 4 authors is too many. 4. Single-authored publications appear to be more important at doctoral-granting schools. 5. The vast majority of schools claim to grant full credit for co-authored articles, but department chairs evaluating promotion candidates did consider single-authorship and the form of co-authorship. 6. Co-authors' failure to keep promises and coordination/scheduling difficulties are the main types of co-authoring problems. 7. Careful planning and close co-author relationships appear to be critical in avoiding unsuccessful co-authoring experiences.

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