The Information Security Lab Manual

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Hands-On Information Security Lab Manual provides instructors with detailed, hands-on exercises in information security management and practice. This lab text addresses the need for a quality, general-purpose, laboratory-exercises manual in information security. This text allows the students to see firsthand the challenges of securing and managing information networks. The manual has both simple introductory exercises, to technical, information-security specific exercises. Technical exercises are designed with great consideration to the fine line between information security professional and hacker. The manual also includes several minicase and full-case exercises, providing students with sample analysis outlines and criteria for evaluation. The minicases are vignettes outlining issues (like the use of ant virus software in their lab); are short-term projects by design, for individual or group use; and provide feedback for in-class discussion. The full-scale cases are suitable for a semester-long analysis of a presented organization, of varying scope and size by student teams. The text also addresses other security and network issues information-security professionals encounter.

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