Auditing: A Business Risk Approach. 7th Edition

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The auditing environment continues to change in dramatic ways, and new professionals must be prepared for a high standard of responsibility. Prepare your students for these changes by using the new decision-making framework in Rittenberg/Johnstone/Gramling's AUDITING: A BUSINESS RISK APPROACH, 7th EDITION. With the help of new author Audrey Gramling, AUDITING 7e explains the importance of understanding business risk, internal controls, and the professional judgment processes.The latest edition keeps your students in touch with today's rapidly changing environment by describing updates in the regulatory environment, such as Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. The authors have also expanded the coverage on the integrated audit. In addition, students will gain valuable experience by using the professional ACL auditing software, packaged with each new text, as they work with fraud cases. AUDITING 7e helps your students understand the risk associated with auditing in a relevant way.

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