Connecting Eid and Langeheine's Latent State-Trait Models With Hidden Markov Models and Rasch


Secondary and Middle Grades Education

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Comments on an article by Eid and Langeheine which describes the history and theory behind a set of psychometric models that provide a means of incorporating the effect of the context of measurement, as well as individual variability in reaction to that context, in the measurement of personality traits. This comment revolves around two themes: the representation of the Markov structure of the models presented in this article and the models' relation to the Rasch family of models. Each perspective also brings with it opportunities for altering the models in different ways to accommodate new situations. In the article's opinion, it do not take advantage of the potential for cross-fertilization often enough. The other extreme is a Tower of Babel, in which each technique has a multitude of names, and communication, as well as progress, is thwarted.

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