A Mentor-Protégé Program for New Faculty, Part I: Stories of Protégés

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With the projected shortage of nursing faculty, formalized programs are needed to provide mentorship programs that will encourage and support faculty as they move from the role of novice to expert educator. The purpose of this qualitative study is to explore the experience of protégés participating in a mentorship program for novice faculty. An interpretive phenomenological research study was conducted to illuminate the meaning of the experiences of the protégés participating in the program. The study of the experience of protégés participating in a mentor-protégé program led to the emergence of three main themes: Creating a Meaningful Mentor-Protégé Relationship, Transitioning as a New Nurse Educator, and the Mentor-Protégé Program-Lessons Learned. Data from the study will provide insight into the meaning of receiving mentorship in the role of novice nurse educator.