Application of Factor Analysis on High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Data Using a Swept-Potential Electrochemical Detection System


Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Autocorrelation coeffs., multiple detn. coeffs., and single-vector uniqueness test were studied as predictors of the no. of major electroactive components in a matrix resulting from coeluting components in high-performance liq. chromatog. using a swept-potential electrochem. detection system. The est. profiles of the pure components (chromatograms, voltammograms) are obtained by iterative target test factor anal. and then refined by the least-squares method. The effects of mobile phase flow rate on the instrument response were also investigated to quantitate the individual components in the matrix. All three predictors mentioned above complement one another satisfactorily, while the single-vector uniqueness test proves to be more powerful in heavily overlapped responses.