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The information explosion has made us information rich, but wisdom poor. Yet, to succeed in business and in life, we must distinguish accurate from bogus sources, and draw valid conclusions from mounds of data. This book, written for a general adult audience as well as students, takes a new look at critical thinking in the information age, helping readers to not only see through nonsense, but to create a better future with innovative thinking.

Readers should see the practicality of enhancing skills that make them more innovative and employable, especially in a day when companies increasingly seek original thinkers, global visionaries, and thought leaders. Targeting high school seniors and college freshmen, but useful to all adult readers, the authors examine surprising and costly mental errors made by respected business leaders, entertainment moguls, musicians, civic leaders, generals and academics. Then, the authors draw practical applications to help readers avoid such mistakes and think more creatively in each field.

Although written in an engaging and popular style, over 600 end notes provide authority to this content-rich document. Thus writers, researchers, teachers, and job seekers should find it a useful starting point for research into this important field. Home school teachers and public school educators will find an accompanying free website with lesson plans and teaching tips. It's also a low-cost alternative to expensive texts. (The hard copy is priced reasonably and a pdf of the entire book will be offered free to students on their digital platforms.) Each chapter ends with thought questions and tips for further research.



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Wisdom Creek Academic


Acworth, GA


logic, critical thinking, creative thinking, innovation, wisdom, research, creativity, innovative, innovate, statistics, common sense


Logic and Foundations of Mathematics | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Authors: J. Steve Miller, the primary author, is president of Legacy Educational Resources, teaches at Kennesaw State University, and has taught audiences from Atlanta to Moscow. His former books have won numerous awards and have been translated into many languages. Cherie K. Miller holds a masters degree in professional writing, has written several books and many articles, and works with the Interdisciplinary Studies program at KSU.

Why Brilliant People Believe Nonsense: A Practical Text for Critical and Creative Thinking