Nursing Research Using Phenomenology: Qualitative Designs and Methods in Nursing


Nursing Research Using Phenomenology: Qualitative Designs and Methods in Nursing



Phenomenology is a descriptive approach to obtaining knowledge that focuses on capturing the essence of human experience through the point of view of a distinct individual. As a form of qualitative nursing research, it provides a perspective apart from that of empirical sciences which see the human mind and body as a physical-material object only open to study through empirical science and treatable through physical remedies. This "how-to" book for novice researchers and specialists alike describes the foundations of phenomenology and the specifics of how to conduct nursing research using phenomenological designs. It is part of an innovative series for novice researchers and specialists alike focusing on state-of-the art methodologies from a nursing perspective.

Authored by international scholars of qualitative nursing research, the book elucidates the theoretical rationale for using phenomenology, describes its components, and delineates a plan to conduct studies that includes appropriate methods, ethical considerations, and potential pitfalls. The book provides guidance for writing a research proposal that justifies the importance or potential impact of a study and describes how to conduct interviews that best elicit information. It focuses on achieving rigor in phenomenological research in regard to accuracy and replicability, and discusses different types of data collection and analysis and when to use them. Each chapter provides objectives, competencies, review questions, critical thinking exercises, and links to web resources. Appendices include a list of qualitative research journals, textbooks, and other resources for more in-depth study as well as examples of research proposals and interviewing techniques. The book will be of value to novice and experienced nurse researchers, graduate teachers and students, in-service educators and students, and nursing research staff at health care institutions.



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Nursing Research Using Phenomenology: Qualitative Designs and Methods in Nursing