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Date of Award

Fall 2012

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First Advisor

Dr. Kathie Aduddell

Second Advisor

Nancy Ballard


Purpose: The anticipated nursing shortage supports the need for researchers to identify contributing factors that impact supply of direct care nurses. This study evaluated which elements of a healthy work environment were predictors of retention of direct care nurses in a hospital setting.

Design: A non-experimental descriptive predictive design was used.

Methods: Data were collected from a convenience sample of direct care nurses in an acute hospital in the southeastern United States using the Healthy Work Environment (HWE) instrument and the Anticipated Turnover Scale (ATS) in October and November 2012. Using multiple regression elements of the HWE were regressed on ATS to identify predictors of retention.

Results: The sample was 102 direct care nurses with the highest percentage (n= 60) from day shift and education primarily at the associate degree (n= 57) level. Meaningful Recognition and Appropriate Staffing were identified as predictor variables of decrease intention to leave. There was an anomalous finding of Authentic Leadership as a predictor variable of increased intention to leave.

Clinical Relevance: Results of the study add to the literature by identifying specific elements of a healthy work environment that warrant further study on retention of direct care nurses in a hospital setting.

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