Dissertations, Theses and Capstone Projects


Cecilia Fly

Date of Award

Spring 2009

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Public Administration (MPA)


Political Science


Working under the supervision of the Programs Director, and in conjunction with the rest of Tapestri staff, I worked to create a Strategic Development Program that laid the foundation to address current and future communications, public relations, and fundraising needs.

This included:

• Creating and implementing a detailed Development Plan, including public relations and communications initiatives in support of each component of the plan

• Assisting with grant writing and grant research. Create and maintain a detailed grant calendar.

• Working with web designer to revamp website and take advantage of internet fundraising potential.

• Producing promotional materials (newsletters, brochures, annual report, solicitation letters, press releases, and photographs) to further public awareness of the agency's activities and effectiveness and to recognize donors. Create and maintain a press toolkit.

• Developing relationships with various media outlets.

• Engaging the Board and volunteers in the creation and execution of development efforts as appropriate.

• Researching possible development software options.

• Monitoring progress in reaching funding objectives, providing reports as needed.

During my internship with Tapestri, I learned how to work within the existing organizational culture to promote changes that I felt were necessary to support the objectives outlined for me by the Programs Director and the Executive Co-Directors. I worked to diversify revenue streams through private foundations, corporate sponsorship, and fundraising events targeting the individual donor. I also spearheaded the website redevelopment and re-branding initiatives, which will officially go public at the beginning of June, 2009.

Tapestri staff members and I developed a strategic plan that will carry Tapestri through the next five years, which in turn allowed me to begin researching and writing a development plan for setting fundraising and public relations goals. Tapestri currently operates in a stable fiscal and programmatic environment; however, to achieve future growth and maintain stability, Tapestri must shift from only dealing with current demands to include planning for the future and the actual implementation of that plan. To successfully do this, I believe that Tapestri needs to maintain a Strategic Development position that is separated from the demanding schedule of the direct services programs of the organization.

As Tapestri continues to strengthen its organizational infrastructure, I believe the staff members can achieve their long-term goals and will secure its niche in the nonprofit marketplace.