Dissertations, Theses and Capstone Projects


Mengjun Li

Date of Award

Spring 2009

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Public Administration (MPA)


Political Science


My Master of Public Administration Program Internship took place at Not For Sale Georgia, an affiliate of Not For Sale Campaign. I interned at NFSGA from January to April, 2009. NFSC is a non-profit organization that fights the global slave trade. NFSGA aims to educate and mobilize an abolitionist movement in Georgia State. My supervisor was Mark Hoerrner, State Director of NFSGA. All of my assignments came from him.

As an international student intern, I was assigned to work as the other intern, like collecting and importing information, making the mapping project, investigation to suspected location with staff, joining all of activities as much as possible. And I also did some research about human trafficking in China.

As I began this internship, I just knew a little knowledge about non-profit organization and a little information about human trafficking. As I near the end of my internship after three months, I realize that I have learned a lot and am now able to do much more than when I first began. I have known how the general normal non-profit organizations operate, how NFSGA make awareness activities, what happen in the world about human trafficking. Moreover, I also benefit so much by compare the theories I learned in class with the application in practice.

After having worked for NFSGA for two months, I found three challenges that NFSGA has to face and provided the recommendations to relieve.

Based on the learning of participating in this internship, I will continue to practice the knowledge of public administration when I come back China.