Dissertations, Theses and Capstone Projects


Chuan He

Date of Award

Spring 2009

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Public Administration (MPA)


Political Science


During the semester of spring 2009, from February 08, 2009 to April 18, 2009, I interned at the Institute for Global Initiatives (IGI). Global Initiatives is a recognized global learning leader at Kennesaw State University. It provides services, programs, research and scholarship to Kennesaw State University’s faculty, students, and communities to promote global learning and studies. My supervisor, Dr. Akanmu Adebayo, is the executive director of the department. He is also a historian and focuses on African and African Diaspora studies.

What I do during the internship are: 1) collecting the information about trade, communication, cooperation between China and Africa; 2) analyzing data and evaluating the China’s African economic policy; and 3) taking part in the activities that held by the organization, for instance, The Turkey conference and the teacher’s workshop conference.

As a result of participating in the internship, I learned a lot: 1) knew how to operate and evaluate a project in public sector; 2) knew how the organization operate and exchange with American people; and 3) knew the historical and current situation and cooperation between China and African countries. The experience I had in my internship will be very useful to my job when I come back to China, such as cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness, policy analysis, leadership, project management, and research methods. In addition, the study about African countries’ history, culture, society, politics, and human being also expand my knowledge on the world.