The Earth is an extremely dynamic planet, and not just in the air where we can feel the breeze. The ground beneath our feet is in a state of constant motion. The solid metal inner core, which is surrounded by a liquid metal outer core, spins at a different rate than the rest of the Earth, which creates our magnetic field. Heat convecting from the center of the Earth causes motion in the semisolid mantle, which drags and pushes the plates of solid crustal material around the surface. Weathering from wind, water, and other forces causes rock to break into small pieces, which are then moved about by erosional processes. With the possible exception of the Io, the moon of Jupiter that is being torn apart by gravitational forces, our planet is about the most dynamic body orbiting the Sun.

There are many different factors about the physical Earth that one could study. The activities below represent those from the modules that fall into this category.