Creators: Dr. John Pratte and Dr. Matthew Laposata

From this page, you can access the activities grouped in modules around environmental topics. Each module investigates the topic in depth by discussing the various factors that affect it. The concluding activity in each module looks at how an individual either impacts or is impacted by the particular topic. As an example, the module on nuclear energy starts with a discussion of what nuclear radiation is, proceeds to describe how a nuclear reactor operates, and concludes with each person calculating the amount of personal radiation exposure received during the course of a normal year.

The time required to complete each module varies from 2-5 weeks to complete in a normal classroom/lab setting, depending upon how many activities constitute the module. To see how these modules might be grouped together around a much larger topic, see the Pods.

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Atmospheric Pollution

Basic Science

Biogeochemical Cycles

Fossil Fuels

Home Energy

Human Population Growth

Mineral Resources / Waste

Nuclear Energy


Plate Tectonics / Rockcycle

Renewable Energy

Water / Water Pollution