Resources and Waste


For this activity, we are going to try to identify ten different minerals from their properties. There is an attached listing of the major properties of the most commonly found minerals. Use it and any other resources you might have to identify the ten minerals, and list your findings on the sheet below. In order to help you by giving you a little practice with mineral identification, we suggest the following virtual identifier: Your instructor will provide you with up to 10 different mineral samples for identification. To test for hardness, you will also be provided with a copper plate or penny, a steel nail, and a glass plate (you can provide your own fingernail). You will also be given a piece of unglazed porcelain tile to use as a streak plate and a magnet to test for magnetism. You might also be provided with a weak hydrochloric acid solution, depending upon the discretion of the instructor. Using these simple tools and your powers of observation, you should be able to identify the minerals.