Semester of Creation

Spring 4-28-2024

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Professor Name

Bradley, Brandi

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ENGL 1102

Course Title

English Composition II

Description of Work

The physical and mental health of college students has been a big topic in recent years, and it is the one that we have chosen. Our inspiration for choosing this topic came from being college students and getting a firsthand view of this issue. Since we are college students, who are navigating the difficulties of higher education daily, we see the issues of mental and physical health in ourselves and among our peers. Exploring the interconnectedness of societal attitudes, nutrition, and physical health regarding mental health is the inspiration for these topics as well. Each individual topic in this paper relates back to the main topic in different aspects. These ideas contribute to the conversation because it further explores the complexities of maintaining one’s mental health today. In addition to this it also helps others better understand mental health and how numerous factors can contribute to it. Which is a very important aspect of college students today. One of the topics that was chosen was how technology has played a role in the decrease of working out and how that affects the overall health of college students. This is a very important point that needs to be discussed more. Since technology is so prevalent today, it is very important for people to be knowledgeable of the negative side effects on student’s health. If society does not know how technology is impacting their health, then people will continue to make the same mistakes and will lead to a less healthy overall life. There are many advantages and disadvantages of technology among college students. Although it has made some aspects of school easier, it has also made students lazier. Additionally, the stakes are high because the information gathered can aid people in finding better ways to cope and understand what is going on with them which, in turn, will help them feel better in general. In addition to technology affecting individuals' fitness, other factors affect it as well. Some of these include the location of a school or how. The impact of food and nutrition on college students' health was another topic chosen. This topic goes hand and hand with fitness. Nutrition is a key part to fitness. If a student works out but does not eat properly then they will see significantly less results opposed to someone that does eat properly. This is an important topic since college students may not have the resources to eat well and get all they require to lead healthier lives. The stakes are high, because it affects so many people and the information can benefit others. The overall health issue of college students must be addressed, the way this is started is by informing people of it. The more people that know about this issue the more people will be open to changing their ways and helping others. In addition, if colleges are more aware of this issue, then they will start to focus more on their student’s health. This overall topic we chose hits close to home due to being students today.

Description of Assignment

As a group, you must prepare the research papers for consumption by the public. As a group you will choose to either publish the essays on Digital Commons or a website, or your group can choose to present the papers in a face-to-face presentation. Regardless of what the group chooses, your group will need to compose a 500-word introduction as well as paginate/design the content or convert the essays into a script. If your group chooses a face-to-face presentation, you are expected to give the presentation to an audience of my choosing. Other options which would be available with my approval – a podcast, a YouTube video, or conference submission.



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