Semester of Creation

Spring 4-28-2024

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Professor Name

Brandi Bradley

Course Number

ENGL 1102

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Description of Work

This anthology is exploring how expensive it is to be healthy in the United States. We are researching this topic because it directly applies to us along with millions of other United States citizens. This Anthology covers how food deserts impact individuals, why it is difficult but important to learn how to cook from home, how individual's lifestyle and activeness can affect their personal health, and how the ready to cook meal kits have emerged and spread in recent history.

Description of Assignment

Your job is to locate academic sources for your paper in the anthology. These sources should both support and contradict your claims. You will locate 6 peer-reviewed academic sources, read them, assess them and annotate how the article will be applied to your research paper. You will be adding these peer-reviewed sources to your initial four foundational sources and compiling them with the sources of the other members of your group. You will arrange all the sources alphabetically by last name and use it as a resources page for your anthology. Before you submit, each member of the group will review and approve the quality of the sources, because they not only represent your paper but also the group. You will present your Annotated Bibliography to your group for feedback. They will check the accuracy of your citations (punctuation, italics, quotation marks -- all important). They will offer suggestions to the strength of your sources in consideration of your topic.

The Annotated Bibliography is a time-consuming project which will act as a valuable tool for organizing and drafting your research paper.



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