Semester of Creation

Spring 4-28-2024

Submission Type


Professor Name

Dr. Brandi Bradley

Course Number

ENGL 1102

Course Title

Composition II

Description of Work

This anthology discusses the consequences that the Covid-19 left. These drastic changes are still visible 4 years later, in two important sectors of Georgia's economy: the Work force and the housing market. These 2 sectors collide and merge with our daily life since they take up most of our time. Homes took on the roles of offices and schools as employees and students were forced to stay home due to the pandemic. Before and after Covid 19, everything changed from the criteria of buyers in the housing market, the inventory, the reasons why it is short, in addition to the changing perspectives of people and the large effect it has on others in the market. Overbearing regulations caused many businesses to close or significantly reduce the amount of people working at once, leading to many Americans losing their jobs. With travel becoming increasingly difficult, trade and its reliant industries saw sudden declines in business.

Description of Assignment

As a group, you must prepare the research papers for consumption by the public. As a group you will choose to either publish the essays on Digital Commons or a website, or your group can choose to present the papers in a face-to-face presentation. Regardless of what the group chooses, your group will need to compose a 500-word introduction as well as paginate/design the content or convert the essays into a script. If your group chooses a face-to-face presentation, you are expected to give the presentation to an audience of my choosing. Other options which would be available with my approval – a podcast, a YouTube video, or conference submission.



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