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Spring 4-28-2024

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Brandi Bradley

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English Composition II

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The following paper is a complete anthology of our collective ideas. We wrote this paper from the prompt of entertainment and health. With this given prompt we divulged separate but similar ideas. Then with these ideas formulated our anthology which is the exploration of the impact of various artistic expressions and entertainment on our psychological health. This anthology shows the intersection between art, entertainment, and our mental health. We delve into how different art and entertainment mediums can influence our mental wellbeing. This exploration has been a great culmination of research and analysis. We used extensive research to shed light on the connections between self-expression, recreational activities, and our very own mental wellbeing. With this examination, we express the varying effects of these mediums on people.

Many of the group members have suffered from depression or mental problems in some variation throughout their lives. These specific topics were chosen by the group as these topics are very meaningful to the members of the group, due to past experiences. Some of the members had previous experience writing on similar topics to ones that were chosen, and for others, the topics aligned with major interests of the members. Along with prior knowledge and personal experience, another reason these topics were chosen is because it is always important to keep one's mental health in check. With this research being done, the members effectively learned methods to keep up with their own personal mental health.

The ideas chosen for the essays show the multiple ways to interrogate the body of people struggling with mental health issues. We researched effective practices towards physical, social, and mental issues. We also researched the different aspects of mental health and a variety of ways to combat it with different media outlets. The prompt was to include the techniques of art and entertainment. With that, we explored the effectiveness of Tai Chi, video games, and minimalist architecture. These ideas come to life with its benefits in relationships, communities, mental freedom, purpose, vibrancy, and the overall wellbeing within our humanity. With the inclusion of minimalism we were able to approach the prompt with the mindset of peace and naturalness. Our ideas teach the brain to be more elastic and focus on the more simple and subtle aspects of life

The connection between video games, tai chi, and minimalist architecture is shown by their effects on depression, anxiety, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These effects highlight the importance of caring for mental health. By taking the time to understand these connections, we can recognize their therapeutic benefits. For example, immersive gaming can trigger the release of positive chemicals in the brain, while tai chi fosters a conscious connection between the mind and body. Additionally, minimalist architecture simplifies our environment to promote a calm mind and reduce anxiety. These things give individuals the opportunity to make lifestyle and hobby choices that prioritize their physical and mental well-being. In conclusion, looking at the link between these elements and their impact on mental health can raise awareness and empower individuals to take steps to better their mental well-being, no matter how odd it may appear.

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Group Research paper on entertainment and health.



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