Semester of Creation

Spring 4-27-2024

Submission Type


Professor Name

Dr. Brandi Bradley

Course Number

ENGL 1102

Course Title

English Composition II

Description of Work

This anthology discusses cheating as an idea, and its effects in a variety of different social spaces, digital and physical. We talk about how and why cheating occurs, as well as what is done to prevent it. Additionally, we discuss what more can be done to mitigate the effects that cheating has as it becomes more widespread due to advances in technology. The first topic discussed is how the architecture of educational institutions can affect cheating in school. The next topic discusses the variety of ways that players in casual and competitive eSports cheat, and what is done to prevent them in terms of software and regulation, as well as the downfalls of the current regulatory landscape in eSports. The third topic goes into the new meaning that the word pirate has taken as technology has allowed for anonymous individuals in digital spaces to download media, in addition to what steps creatives are taking in order to prevent pirates from stealing their work. The fourth topic discusses our collective love of villains in media, despite their constant cheating of the viewer and other characters in the story. It talks about how villains allow people to live out fantasies that would be otherwise immoral to carry out in the real world. The final topic is about social media influencer scams and how they cheat their followers out of money through various schemes involving a variety of different methods including cryptocurrency and GoFundMe scams. It also talks about third parties using influencers likenesses to trick the influencer's followers into giving out their information.

Description of Assignment

Using all of your resources, you will complete your contribution to the anthology, a research paper that contributes to the conversation of the topic you selected. You will compose this final paper through a series of drafts shared with me and your group for feedback and editing. Draft 1 will be presented to me for initial feedback on whether the topic contributes to the conversation, is organized in an understandable way, and is using high-quality sources. Draft 2 will be reviewed for word choice and grammar choices both by yourself through self-editing techniques and with your group.



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