Semester of Creation

Spring 4-27-2024

Submission Type


Professor Name

Dr. Brandi Bradley

Course Number

ENGL 1102

Course Title

English Composition 2

Description of Work

The topics being discussed in this anthology all have a deep connection to video games and talk about the different aspects of the video game industry. This includes the way that video game narratives have changed, how video games use psychology to immerse their players, to how video games are able to be played through new services such as cloud gaming, and even how copyright works when it comes to video games. With all this in mind, this anthology strives to inform our readers about aspects of the video game industry that are crucial to its overall success.

Description of Assignment

As a group, you must prepare the research papers for consumption by the public. Your group will choose either to publish the essays on Digital Commons or a website of your own design, or your group can choose to present the papers in a face-to-face presentation. Regardless of what the group chooses, your group members will need to collaboratively compose a 500-word introduction as well as paginate/design the content or convert the essays into a script. If your group chooses a face-to-face presentation, you are expected to give the presentation to an audience of my choosing. Other options which would be available with my approval – a podcast, a YouTube video, or conference submission.



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