Semester of Creation

Spring 4-28-2024

Submission Type


Professor Name

Dr. Brandy, Brandi

Course Number

Engl 1102

Course Title

English Composition II Section 318

Description of Work

This is a paper about how the justice system in it's many forms can cause PTSD. Not only to the criminals that go through it but also the children, victims. With many process having extensive repercussion causing PSTD to take hold of the many people that seek the justice system for help or judgement.

Description of Assignment

Research Paper

The ENGL 1102 Primary Project (minimum 2,000 words)

Purpose – how and why:

The purpose of this assignment is to showcase the multitude of skills accumulated throughout the semester.

Considerations for the final research paper:

1. Are you approaching your paper without bias – allowing the data and the facts from the research to guide the statements as opposed to your opinions?

2. Who is your audience for this paper? Are you demanding a call to action that is beyond their capabilities?

3. Are you organizing the information in consumable bites for the reader to absorb your information?

4. What’s interesting about your topic? What are the stakes that would intrigue the reader to know more?

Purpose – what and why:

As a group, you must prepare the research papers for consumption by the public. Your group will choose either to publish the essays on Digital Commons or a website of your own design, or your group can choose to present the papers in a face-to-face presentation. Regardless of what the group chooses, your group members will need to collaboratively compose a 500-word introduction as well as paginate/design the content or convert the essays into a script. If your group chooses a face-to-face presentation, you are expected to give the presentation to an audience of my choosing. Other options which would be available with my approval – a podcast, a YouTube video, or conference submission.

By sharing your research, you will be contributing to the conversation. Others will be able to experience your research, which will help them understand your topic better.



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