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Spring 4-28-2024

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Dr. Brandi Bradley

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English Composition II

Description of Work

There are a few different ways we see crime and art come together as one without even realizing it and there are other topics that showcase crime punishment as well. Crime can be portrayed through music. When certain artists sing about their crime-like behaviors, this can lead to people also doing that same crime because they listened to it in a song. Crime can be derived from art itself, causing people to react emotionally and criminally to something they’ve seen. Lastly it can be represented through film and TV showcasing elements of human behavior for society to see. All of these topics contribute to the overall conversation that crime punishment presented within the arts can impact the effects on people today, regardless of whether that’s with seeing it in a painting, listening to the lyrics of a song, or watching true crime in films, these all contribute to the actions, ways of thinking, and the behaviors we construct everyday.

Description of Assignment

(500 additional words): As a group, you must prepare the research papers for consumption by the public. As a group you will choose to either publish the essays on Digital Commons or a website, or your group can choose to present the papers in a face-to-face presentation. Regardless of what the group chooses, your group will need to compose a 500-word introduction as well as paginate/design the content or convert the essays into a script. If your group chooses a face-to-face presentation, you are expected to give the presentation

to an audience of my choosing. Other options which would be available with my approval – a podcast, a YouTube video, or conference submission.



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