Alexander Velha

Semester of Creation


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Professor Name

Dr. Brandi Bradley

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Course Title

Composition I

Description of Work

Every area is known for something, whether it's sports, food, or even tourism, but where I’m from we are known for other reasons. Street Racing. If you’re from Atlanta you already know what street racing down here is about. It’s a lifestyle. We all have the same goal. To beat the other driver and that’s the way all true racers perceive it. It has been around for ages, and it will be around for ages to come.

Description of Assignment

Abstract for The Geographical Area Unofficial but Should Be Official Argument Geographical areas have things they specialize in or are known for. Students were asked to select something from their hometown (either birth home, current home, or aspirational home) and build an argument establishing that what they selected is the unofficial icon of that hometown. Students used the Toulmin Style for their arguments and based them on their own insights as residents of that geographical area. The purpose of the assignment was to ask students to pay attention to the space that shaped them and understand what makes it special.



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