Malachi Brooks

Semester of Creation


Submission Type


Professor Name

Dr. Brandi Bradley

Course Number


Course Title

Composition I

Description of Work

Waking up to the sound of my dog barking at 7:34 in the morning is not ideal, but when he needs to go outside, he makes it known. With my zombie like movement, I start to walk to the backdoor as i’m still trying to wake up, my energetic yorkie starts doing circles around me panting the closer I get to the door. Once I open the door the cold breeze hits me immediately as I am wearing white and black shorts with an old black t-shirt of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album cover.

Description of Assignment

“A Day in the Life of your home”: A narrative Using the skills practiced in class, students were asked to write a narrative telling the story of a specific day in their life and what it is like to live in a specific geographic region. Focusing on an average day, they were asked to describe to the reader how they spent their time in a specific geographic region. Who did they see? What did they do? What were their everyday struggles? A narrative is a story, which meant they needed to have characters, a setting, and conflict.



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