Jacob Rodriguez

Semester of Creation


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Dr. Brandi Bradley

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Composition I

Description of Work

The sun shines through my curtains, with its light waking me up from my sleep. The feeling of being able to wake up naturally through sunlight is something that I’m going to miss. Being awoken by an alarm and the greasiness and unpleasantness that comes with it is something I’m not looking forward to. The first thing I do when I wake up is grab my phone. I then check the group chat I have with my friends for making plans. I’m normally the one now that urges to make plans. This summer I’ve lived a carefree life that’s out of an American teenager’s life movie. I had made it my goal to go out every day and take every opportunity I had presented to me. Even though it’s where we normally always go, the town basketball courts are somewhere I’m never going to get tired of going. Before I leave, I grab the blow drier to blow dry my hair to the point that it stick out, get dressed in clothes fit to run around in, pack an extra set of clothes to change to when I sweat my other ones in my bag and grab my bike open my garage and go.

Description of Assignment

“A Day in the Life of your home”: A narrative Using the skills practiced in class, students were asked to write a narrative telling the story of a specific day in their life and what it is like to live in a specific geographic region. Focusing on an average day, they were asked to describe to the reader how they spent their time in a specific geographic region. Who did they see? What did they do? What were their everyday struggles? A narrative is a story, which meant they needed to have characters, a setting, and conflict.



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