Jake Patten

Semester of Creation


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Dr. Brandi Bradley

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Course Title

Composition I

Description of Work

As my alarm blares at 8:30 a.m. on a cold autumn morning, I groan and reluctantly open my eyes. My bed is entrapping me in its warmth, and the thought of getting up feels like a betrayal to my body. I look around my room and see a soft, golden hue as the sun peeks through the blinds. I lay in my bed contemplating, “Should I get up for class? Or should I go back to bed?” Just as I start to drift back to sleep, the roar of leaf blowers echoes outside. The ear-piercing sound cuts through the silence, making it clear that the day has already begun. I close my eyes one last time embracing the warmth of my bed, then leave it all behind to start my Monday morning.

Description of Assignment

“A Day in the Life of your home”: A narrative Using the skills practiced in class, students were asked to write a narrative telling the story of a specific day in their life and what it is like to live in a specific geographic region. Focusing on an average day, they were asked to describe to the reader how they spent their time in a specific geographic region. Who did they see? What did they do? What were their everyday struggles? A narrative is a story, which meant they needed to have characters, a setting, and conflict.



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