Joseph Harris

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Dr. Brandi Bradley

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Composition I

Description of Work

The genre of my home is living with depression. This is worth analyzing because more people need to talk about it, and a lot of people deal with it every day, especially younger people. This essay will go over an audio/visual modality, a purely text/visual modality, and an audio/face-to-face modality. These are worth analyzing because they give a basis of information to people who don’t understand what it feels like, but also to give solace to the people who live with it every day. The first analysis to be done is over a YouTube video.

Description of Assignment

“The Genres of Your Home Rhetorical Analysis”: The purpose of rhetoric is to communicate a message. Students were asked to consider how they navigated in their community: where they went and what messages they absorbed? What genre was most common in their day-to-day moving throughout the world: Signs, Social Media Posts, TikTok Videos, Songs, Texts, Phone Calls, Emails, etc. They were asked to narrow that genre to a more specific category of genre: For example: Not just TikTok videos, but CleanTok videos. They were asked to pick something they encountered daily instead of what they actively sought. The goal was for students to observe something outside of their room or their phone.



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