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Dr. Brandi Bradley

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Composition I

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College students have a lot on their plates. From the mind-numbing lectures they must sit through to the grueling assignments that one professor always assigns, these students usually are looking for a way to unwind. Students often will quickly turn to the popular procrastination tool of video games, but there are many circumstances where there are not that many people who play the same game or any of the few students that do are caught up with schoolwork, hobbies, clubs, or sports they participate in. However, at Kennesaw State University everyone shares one idea on what the best video game is to the point where it is easy to find someone or even a large group of people to play with.

Description of Assignment

Abstract for The Geographical Area Unofficial but Should Be Official Argument Geographical areas have things they specialize in or are known for. Students were asked to select something from their hometown (either birth home, current home, or aspirational home) and build an argument establishing that what they selected is the unofficial icon of that hometown. Students used the Toulmin Style for their arguments and based them on their own insights as residents of that geographical area. The purpose of the assignment was to ask students to pay attention to the space that shaped them and understand what makes it special.



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