Date of Submission

Fall 12-11-2023

Project Type

Senior Design


Aerospace Engineering


BSME in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Vijay Goyal


This report presents the final design of A-MOD's groundbreaking in-orbit electronic enclosure manufacturing device. The detailed design, encompassing analysis, specifications, and component specifics, showcases the feasibility of the proposed system. With objectives met, the report navigates through the concept of operations, validation and verification processes, critical design of mechanical and electrical components, software integration, performance specifications, and a comprehensive risk assessment. A-MOD's design revolutionizes space technology by proposing a device capable of manufacturing electronic enclosures in orbit, reducing costs and optimizing resources. Thorough validation and verification procedures ensure the system's adherence to stringent requirements, covering precision, quality, thermal resilience, and power efficiency, providing confidence in the robustness of the design. The critical design section highlights the meticulous mechanical design, detailing overall dimensions, manufacturing head specifics, and material storage mechanisms supported by CAD models and simulations. Although secondary in focus, the electrical design section outlines essential aspects, emphasizing wiring, off-the-shelf electrical components, and microcontroller usage, contributing to the system's overall efficiency. The performance specifications provide crucial metrics for evaluating efficiency in terms of mass, time, power consumption, and production quantity, with an enclosure test case serving as a benchmark for raw material optimization. The detailed risk assessment identifies potential challenges, emphasizing preventive actions and continuous testing and research, instilling confidence in the system's reliability. In essence, A-MOD's report offers a deep dive into groundbreaking space technology, presenting a design and a vision for the future of in-orbit manufacturing. The comprehensive insights and innovative solutions detailed in this report make it a must-read for space technology enthusiasts, researchers, and professionals seeking cutting-edge advancements in space manufacturing capabilities. The four most significant benefits of A-MOD's design to society and potential customers are its cost efficiency, rapid prototyping capabilities, reduced environmental impact, and enhanced space exploration capabilities. These advantages collectively position the in-orbit electronic enclosure manufacturing device as a transformative technology with broad implications for the space industry and beyond.

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Final Design Poster

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Final design PowerPoint