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Date of Submission

Spring 4-24-2023

Project Type

Senior Design


Industrial and Systems Engineering


Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Adeel Khalid


The purpose of this report is to research and implement new ways to redesign the KSU Johnson Library map and increase the amount of navigation signage. Through time studies and surveys, the team identified resources that take a long time to find. A second round of time studies and surveys was conducted to ensure that the new implementations, signages, and maps are effective. The team also suggests redesigning the floor plans to make them clearer and easier to understand. Team Scrappy concludes that the redesigned map and library signage have significantly improved the ease of navigation within the Johnson Library. The implementation of new designs and changes in scenery has resulted in reduced time taken by many test subjects to find their resources.

Team Scrappy Poster.pptx (2048 kB)
Expo Poster - Fixing the Maze

FDR .pptx (20269 kB)
Final Presentation - Fixing the Maze

Senior Design FDR.docx (6575 kB)
Final Design Report