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Date of Submission

Spring 4-24-2023

Project Type

Senior Design


Industrial & Systems Engineering


Industrial & Systems Engineering

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Adeel Khalid


Mercedes-Benz USA specializes in producing high-quality vehicles that exceed customer expectations at a cost-effective rate. The company utilizes a labor planning dashboard that predicts the daily use of their lines at their part distribution centers by allocating their employees to different zones in inbound, outbound, or both. The supervisors manually input all the data to designate employees to various sections within those zones. Our team was tasked with improving and proposing an updated version of the labor planning dashboard by meeting their requirements while making it effective, responsive, and user-friendly. Through trial and error, the new labor planning dashboard combats these issues by eliminating an excessive amount of manual input and creates an automated dashboard by implementing a linear program solver known as an Assignment Problem.

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Final Report

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Final PowerPoint

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