Date of Submission

Fall 12-5-2022

Project Type

Senior Design


Industrial and Systems Engineering




AeroWorks creates an assignment problem and queuing model with the aim of reducing the total time that an aircraft spends on average on the ground. AeroWorks finds a solution that can be applied to any commercial airport. In order to do so, AeroWorks uses the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport as a case study. Real data is used in the problem-solving approach, with the help of the publicly provided data by the FAA, and the data provided by industry experts. AeroWorks conducts multiple interviews with Tom Nissalke, the Assistant General Manager for Planning and Developing at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport, and Brian Franke, Delta Stations Manager in Operations for Hartsfield Jackson Airport, in order to understand current process at the ATL airport. AeroWorks creates two assignment problems, with the aim of finding an optimal solution for gate assignment regarding the arriving flights. Hartsfield Jackson Airport schedule is used to derive the required data for the model, which is then solved through LINGO/LINDO software. The queuing model tests multiple routes for aircraft heading to the runway to depart, with the aim of reducing the total wait time in the queue. After creating the model, AeroWorks successfully reduces the total wait times on runways by about 2 percent. If this method for changing the North Runway departure route is applied to Hartsfield Jackson Airport, then an average of $534.85 is saved per year. AeroWorks predicts that if this method is applied to an airport that is less efficient than Hartsfield Jackson, then tremendous cost savings will occur.

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