Hydrogen Electrolysis as an Alternative Fuel Source for Residential Areas in Widespread Power Outages

Date of Submission

Winter 12-5-2022

Project Type

Senior Design


Applied Statistics and Data Analysis


Industrial and Systems Engineering


Industrial and Systems Engineering Department

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Adeel Khalid


In this report, we are exploring the use of hydrogen as an alternate fuel source because we expect to see oil reserves gone if the current rate of consumption continues within the next century. Therefore, it is important that we start exploring new fuel sources as soon as possible. We will be performing hydrogen electrolysis as the source for our hydrogen. Although we do not expect to see our method as the cheapest option available in the current market, we want to see how our proposed model might compare to generators currently available commercially. We were surprised to discover how hydrogen will continue to develop as an alternative option in the future as fossil fuels become used up.

For the design of our hydrogen producer, we plan to design a prototype that can be produced relatively cheaply and that shows proof of the concept of a hydrogen electrolysis generator.