Date of Submission

Fall 12-4-2022

Project Type

Senior Design


Industrial engineering


Industrial and systems engineering

Primary Advisor

Dr. Adeel Khalid Ph.D

Secondary Advisor

Dr. Lin Li Ph.D


In so many instances, students drift through high school and are unaware of what types of job opportunities are out there for them. It is easy to see that a student can get overwhelmed by the number of career options, or they may not know what they want to do at all. The Blue Barred has generated a solution that allows students to see their options much more clearly through the analysis of six factors and their contribution to success: Engagement, Value Added Learning, Network-ability, Literacy, Numeracy, and Graduation Rates. Through the usage of tools such as literary research, surveys, the House of Quality, a Pareto chart, and a Lingo code-based Optimization model, we were able to discover that amongst the defined six factors that contribute to maximizing the number of career opportunities, the student who sees the value in what they learn in school will have a much wider array of job opportunities from which to select. This also shows that schools should focus the most on value added learning to produce the most successful students.

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