Chamblee High School Extended Learning Time Optimization Project

Date of Submission

Spring 4-27-2022

Project Type

Senior Design


Industrial and Systems Engineering


Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Adeel Khalid


The following is a report on the design and documentation of a program meant to assist Chamblee High School. The definition of the problem, front and back-end development, analysis of the program, integration between programs, final results and conclusions contained within the report contain multitudes of information about the system and recommendations for the continued development of the program after the involvement of the Kennesaw Industrial Education Team.

The basic problem of the project is the organization of information flow. To solve problems with the basic solution to organization within the school, the team must develop a method to creating a software that will assign students and teachers within the new flexible learning period that Chamblee intends to integrate into its block schedule in the fall semester, 2022. In response to the problems with the baseline solution, the team developed a new flowchart that would alleviate the problems presented by it and found a method of testing the program quality to check if the final product was sufficient or if new tools would need to be recommended.

The front-end development was handled entirely through the preferred system,, at the recommendation of the client. The development of the software was temporarily halted due to the legal ramifications behind student anonymity and the school’s inability to share information, but the development of the software served to establish the future for a new software. The front-end accomplished the creation of a teacher and student view that accomplished most requirements of the interface. The back-end development accomplished the stated goals of the algorithm and servers but was not optimal because of the difficulties integrating with and involved the use of MySQL, R, and Python.

Integration proved to be the most intense challenge of the project. Maintaining the data structure and working with the suboptimal routines for data transfer in made the process incredibly difficult. Employing the use of API, third-party servers, and Python after the initial solution recommended by the developers at, Zapier, failed to be capable of the data transfer that was necessary.

After the analysis of the program revealed a less than optimal software quality, and that the program on review did not meet all requirements of the software due to limitations in, the team is forced to make recommendations that involve the abandonment of as a platform and strategies to rework the current back-end development and servers to create a smoother overall program.

ELT Final Report.pdf (1322 kB)
Final report for the project.

ELT FDR.pptx (1245 kB)
Presentation for the final design review.

ELT Poster.pptx (333 kB)
Poster for the final design review.