UC-KSU Modular UAS Design

Date of Submission

Fall 12-6-2021

Project Type

Senior Design


Aerospace Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Prof. Adeel Khalid


The objective of this project was to design and build a modular unmanned aerial system (UAS) that satisfies the requirements established by United Consulting. United Consulting provides expert consulting engineering and geotechnical services for the built environment. They are partnering with Kennesaw State University to develop new technologies that will enhance and innovate the construction environment. One example of these technologies includes a modular drone. The purpose of this drone is to be able to perform four missions. These include surveying, weld inspection, manhole probing, and thermal/infrared imaging. Key requirements were that the drone must maintain a minimum flight endurance of 30 minutes for the heaviest mission, have a connection range of a minimum of 1 mile, and can support modular equipment. The maximum budget for this project is $5000.00.

The design of this modular drone required extensive literature review and benchmarking of existing drones to study and learn from the drones that are currently on the market. In addition, careful research was done on the selection of electronic components to ensure quality, reliability, and compatibility. Calculations for power, weight, flight endurance were performed to ensure the drone would perform as intended. FEA static simulations were performed to ensure structural stability of key parts. Also, connectivity and compatibility between electronic components were ensured. This progress has led to the design of a scaled 3D printed prototype.

Ultimately, the goal is to fabricate and test a real prototype with the proper equipment and modules. Due to the overall expertise of the team and time constraints, this was not possible to meet in the Fall 2021 semester. A final report detailing electronic selections, design of key systems like the main drone, pulley system and mount system, wiring diagram, calculations, simulations, and fabrication procedure are provided.