Date of Submission

Winter 12-3-2020

Project Type

Senior Design


Industrial & Systems Engineering


Industrial & Systems Engineering

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Adeel Khalid

Secondary Advisor



For our senior design project, we have partnered with Compass Technology Group to improve its Antenna 3000 manufacturing process. The Antenna we are working on is not actually called this, but due to NDA regulations, we will disguise it as the Antenna 3000. This will include finding a way to minimize material costs and labor hours involved to assemble this product together. Our minimum success criteria will be to reduce both the manufacturing time and materials' cost by 20%. Our primary approach to solving this problem will be to implement Lean Six Sigma practices such as the DMAIC principle.

Using the DMAIC principles, we defined our problem as manufacturing various equipment like the 3D printer and the CNC router. These pieces of equipment had inefficiencies in their design as well as in the processes the operator was performing with them. To prove these inefficiencies, we decided to conduct a baseline time study to fully understand the problem at hand. After this and meetings with various operators discussing what they believed to be inefficiencies in their processes, we began making progress in creating an ideal image of an efficient manufacturing process for the Antenna 3000. We also created an entire Bill of Materials that could be used to price out products for the customer and keep track of inventory and when to order new supplies.

Between our baseline time study and our final, we were able to upgrade the CNC router's bed size and the 3D printer's bed layout design, improving how many components could be fit on the build surface at the same time. After conducting the time study, these changes helped us improve drastically in those two areas and reduced the production time to 56 hours. While these were our most significant improvements, many other smaller suggestions contributed to the success we saw between the two antennas.


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