Date of Submission


Project Type

Senior Design


Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering

Primary Advisor

Dr. Adeel Khalid

Secondary Advisor

Tori Woods


Grady Memorial Hospital, under Grady Health Systems (GHS), is the fifth largest public hospital systems in the United States of America. In the Southeast region, Grady Memorial Hospital is a premier level I trauma institution, that also provides other medical service specialties that accumulate a diverse, and knowledgeable set of medical professionals. Within this report, there are various recommendations that our team has presented based on different scenarios that could be present within the interaction of the linen management department and other departments at Grady Health Systems. These recommendations will aid in determining the best decision that can be made in improving the linen management process. The primarily approach our team focuses on is creating an improved, standardized linen process based on the current linen management process in place. This includes standardizing the usage of the alEx machines by medical professionals, and the communication held between medical professionals and the linen department. The final recommendation of the implementation of this approach will serve as an improvement in the efficiency of time, aiming to reduce the replenishment time by 10%, as well as serve as the best possible utilization of the process and medical machines, so that Grady Memorial Hospital will be receiving the best and optimal results in their linen process. Our implementation trial of the primary approach reduced the linen replenishment process by 2.54 minutes, or 13%, surpassing our goal of reducing the time by 10%.