Date of Submission

Spring 4-29-2019

Project Type

Senior Design


Industrial Systems Engineering


Systems and Industrial Engineering

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Adeel Khalid


Ready Mix USA, a CEMEX company, is a giant in the building materials industry, servicing the Southeastern region of the United States through various commercial and residential projects. The Atlanta Division of RMUSA currently consists of 15 operational plants in the state of Georgia with its headquarters located in Woodstock. From the years 2015 to 2018, managers at Ready Mix USA noticed a drastic increase in turnover rates of ready mix truck drivers and did not have an answer for the increasing percentages. The Continuous Improvement at RMUSA tasked the student project team from the Industrial and Systems Engineering department at Kennesaw State University with the discovery of the root causes behind the abnormally high turnover rates as well as the development of solutions to improve these rates.

The project team conducted thorough investigation and data collection and analysis to determine root causes of the unusually high turnover rates, narrowed down three root causes to one leading cause, and created surveys to get drivers’ perspectives on solutions to encourage higher retention. Upon the data that the team quantified, the team performed cost/benefit analysis of each proposed solution and developed a linear programming problem to achieve the optimal solution of reducing the turnover rate by 30% while also minimizing cost on behalf of RMUSA. This report explains in thorough detail the processes and findings of the team’s optimization project.